TechniDrill’s Multi-Axis Systems

  • Drilling systems based on custom or standard solutions
  • Gundrill or BTA / STS tooling or convertible to use both
  • Auxiliary quill spindle for milling, drilling, and tapping
  • Easy to use, operator-friendly Heidenhain CNC control
  • Drill capacity up to 6.0”
  • Spindle rotating horsepower up to 75
  • Stroke depths up to 48”
  • Coolant flow up to 200 GPM
  • Coolant pressure with maximum PSI of either 750 or 1,500
  • Most specifications available at greater capacity

Multi-Axis Drilling Technique

Multi-Axis Drilling Technique
In-house deep hole drilling can provide your company with the competitive edge by helping control your drilling schedules. TechniDrill’s versatile three- and four-axis drilling machines are designed for any industry requiring multiple holes in single pieces.

Our modular design allows you to choose a machine with the capacity and travels to suit your requirements.

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