TechniDrill’s BTA Systems

  • Drilling systems based on custom or standard solutions
  • Tool rotating and counter rotating
  • Drill capacity diameters up to 10”
  • Stroke sizes up to 240”
  • Coolant flow up to 300 GPM
  • Coolant pressure up to 750 PSI
  • Most specifications available at greater capacity

BTA Drilling Technique

BTA or STS (single tube system) drilling is a process where the coolant is introduced around the drill tube at the pressure head, and chips are evacuated through the center of the drill. The detachable drill head is comprised of individual carbide inserts and guide pads. Very high penetration rates can be achieved with this system along with good surface finish.

Diameters as small as .500″ (12.7 mm) or as large as 15.00″ (381mm) can be produced with this type of system.

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