TechniDrill’s Barrel Making Systems

  • Available diameters from 17 caliber up to 12 gauge
  • Single and multiple spindle configurations
  • Complete process that includes gundrilling, reaming and rifling
  • Low and high production volume
  • Drilling systems based on custom or standard solutions

Barrel Making Technique

TechniDrill is the leader in systems for the production of firearm barrels of almost any size. Our tested method consistently creates barrels developed for firearm accuracy.

Our experience allows us create machines to work in various materials, such as chrome moly steel and stainless steel, depending on the desired durability, weight and accuracy. Each barrel is machined through a three-step process. Gundrilling drills the hole with extreme straightness tolerances. Pull reaming is used to adjust the inside diameter and create a smooth surface finish. The rifling process introduces spiral grooves within the barrel to stabilize projectiles during flight.

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