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TechniDrill is located in Kent, Ohio, in a modern 26,000-square-foot facility

TechniDrill’s skilled assembly and electrical technicians take great pride in producing the best possible product. The team works closely with the engineering staff and pays attention to detail for continued product improvement.

Our talented professional engineering and manufacturing staff continually strive towards improved machine designs that use the latest technologies and products in machine tool manufacturing.

Our close working relationships with all of the tooling manufacturers ensures the right tooling solution for your special application.




The company is founded as the Ward Riddle Co. in Ravenna, Ohio, as a specialist in aircraft fuel and braking system components.

First Gundrill System

Owner Hugh Riddle develops first gundrill system for the Warner Swassey Company.

Phillips Precision Drilling

The company changes ownership and becomes Phillips Precision Drilling. The new direction takes the company into aerospace industry applications.

Defense, household, automotive applications

The company begin servicing the defense industry. Household product and automotive companies—such as General Electric, Westinghouse and General Motors—begin using gundrill systems for their products.

Ejector Drilling System

Phillips Precision Drilling designs and builds the first dedicated ejector drilling system for Sandvik Coromant. The system increases drilling penetration by seven times that of conventional gundrilling. To date the company has built more ejector drilling machines than any other US manufacturer.

TechniDrill Systems is founded

Jim Kent becomes the company president. The company name becomes TechniDrill Systems, Inc. Under Kent’s leadership, the company begins work for oil field service providers and more in-depth automotive manufacturing, which requires development of BTA, trepanning tooling and multiple spindle gundrilling.

Drilling Solutions for Plastic Mold Industry

Growth in the plastic mold manufacturing industry leads TechniDrill into three- and four-axis mold drilling solutions.

New Facility

TechniDrill Systems’ new facility and current location was built.

Facility Expansion

A growing business led to an expansion of the facility to 26,000 square feet.

New Era, New Industries

The company expanded its services by developing systems designed to handle ulta-small medical equipment as well as skiving equipment


Jim Kent



Tom Swansiger

Vice President


Dan McGuire

Senior Estimator


Roger Clow

Purchasing and Spare Parts


Bill Minerich

Chief Electrical Engineer


Jim Davis

Service Engineer