TechniDrill has been purchased by Kays Engineering.

The TechniDrill brand of gundrilling machines have been designed and manufactured in Kent, Ohio since 1984. Now the machines will be manufactured alongside the DeHoff and Eldorado brands of gundrilling machines in our Marshall, Missouri facility.

“Our company has a 36-year history of building high-quality gundrilling machines,” TechniDrill president Patricia Kent said. “I am proud that the TechniDrill legacy will continue, and that the machines will continue to be made in America.”

“We take great pride in the excellent reputation our DeHoff and Eldorado products have earned over the last half-century,” Kays Engineering president Ed Kays said. “We plan to put that same pride into building and servicing TechniDrill machines, and continuing their tradition of quality American-made machinery. Our three machine brands will together represent a combined 172 years of gundrilling knowledge under one roof!”

Please contact Kays Engineering for new machine orders, or for parts and technical support on your existing TechniDrill machine.

Kays Engineering, Inc.
900 Industrial Drive, Marshall, MO 65340


The Expert in Deep Hole Drilling Systems

TechniDrill Systems provides standard machines and custom designed turnkey solutions that are cost-efficient and reliable. As one of the most experienced companies in deep hole drilling, TechniDrill thrives on solving complex requests with an intelligent approach.

For over 32 years at TechniDrill we have continually provided the fastest production drilling solutions for the oil, automotive, medical, aerospace, military and sporting arms manufacturers.

All TechniDrill machinery is built for longevity with minimal maintenance.

  • Our expertise allows us to service Phillips Precision Gun Drill machines and their parts.
  • TechniDrill can also rebuild your used equipment, saving your important investments.

Watch our machines in action. Below are videos showing the deep hole drilling process.

Video: Six Spindle Gundrill

Video: 6.0″ diameter 3-axis CNC column type BTA drilling system

Video: SRB 5120 Skive Roller Burnish

Four Spindle Gundrill


4 counter rotaing bta

BTA / STS Machines

Four Spindle 3 Axis Gundrill


5 skive roller burnish

Roller Burnishing

Three spindle pull reamer

Barrel Making

Six Spindle Gundrill

Multi Spindle High Production

Above and Beyond

Drill with Accuracy and Speed

Since 1984 TechniDrill has specialized in high-performing and precision-oriented deep hole drilling systems for a wide array of industries. Our engineers have designed machinery for applications needing very small diameters, to large diameter boring and counter-boring up to 12”.

  • Gundrilling
  • Ejector
  • STS / BTA
  • Pull boring and counter boring
  • Skive and roller burnishing
  • Trepanning
  • Spade drilling
  • Button rifling and reaming